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The SHA, Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey, is a statewide non-profit organization in New Jersey whose sole purpose is to help those with disabilities gain access to affordable housing in the State of New Jersey.


The SHA operates with the New Jersey State Assistance program, at, in allocating affordable housing to members of the New Jersey community who cannot afford housing on their own. In order to be eligible for public assistance from the State of New Jersey individuals must have an income of less than 30% of the area income based on family size. This applies to 75% of applicants. The other 25% of applicants’ annual income shall not exceed 40% of the area income based on family size.

Assistance through the New Jersey State Assistance Program prioritizes assistance in the following way: Individuals who are 62 years of age or older get top priority; after that the homeless have secondary priority; family assistance is third; and finally the disabled have access to the affordable housing.

The purpose of the New Jersey State Rental Assistance Program is to help low income families attain or retain housing until there applications for Section 8 housing, through the federal Housing and Urban Development program, have been processed and receive housing vouchers through the federal government.

If you, or a family member, are disabled and are about to age out of the foster care system then you should contact the SHA to discuss relocation to a shelter, treatment home, group home, short term group home, or independent living program. The Volunteers of America will work with you and the SHA to help find a living facility for those youth that cannot fend for themselves and, thus, help to avoid homelessness.

When you are looking for housing because of a disability or special need the SHA recommends that you look through a number of sources including The New Jersey Housing Resource Center, Developers of Supportive Housing, Craigslist, and Social Serve.

How to Apply

To apply for support from the SHA you should call 908-931-1131 or go to their headquarters at 29 Alden St., Suite 1B, Cranford, NJ 07016.

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