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Pennsylvania Department of Revenue

Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue aims to make filing taxes an easy and efficient process for both the taxpayer and agency. To do this, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue provides easy access to all of the necessary tax forms for residents, employers, and businesses. They also provide ample information regarding each type of tax that is implemented in the State of Pennsylvania and what specifically must be included when one is filing his/her taxes.

For individuals who are business owners, there are resources regarding registering and filing taxes for the business. There is also information regarding the Pennsylvania law surrounding business taxation, such as individuals who commit fraud regarding taxes, repercussions for businesses which misreport taxes, for collecting too much, and various other types of issues.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has contact information that is available to the public; it can be used if there are issues regarding the comprehension of tax forms or of the taxes themselves. There are also tax professionals that can be located in order to help file the taxes properly and can advise individuals if there are any specifics that could be filed in regard to their own taxes.

The goal expressed by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is to promote fairness regarding taxes, to efficiently acquire all the taxes that are necessary for State program funding, and to keep the system running as smoothly as possible for residents, corporations, businesses, and import/export establishments.

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