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Minnesota department of health

Minnesota Department Of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health works closely with the Department of Human Services. The MN Department of Health is responsible for protecting, maintaining, and improving the health of Minnesotans. The Minnesota Department of Health operates programs that focus on disease prevention, health promotion, disease control, community public health, environmental health, health care policy, and registration health care providers.

The MN Department of Health is divided into two bureaus that work together closely. The Community and Family Health Promotion Bureau include the Division of Community Health Services, the Division of Family Health, the Division of Health Policy and Systems Compliance, and the Division of Facility and Provider Compliance.

The Health Protection Bureau includes the Division of Environmental Health, the Division of Disease Prevention and Control, the Division of Public Health Laboratory, and the Division of Finance and Administration. Reporting directly to the Office of the Commissioner are the Office of Public Affairs, the Office of Policy, the Office of Minority Health, the Office of Budget and Legislation, and the Office of Human Resource Management.

The Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health is Sanne Magnan, M.D., Ph.D. Under Doctor Magnan is Deputy Commissioner Jeanne Danaher. The Administrative Services Bureau, Health Protection Bureau, and Community and Family Health Promotion Bureau are headed by Assistant Commissioners Craig Acomb, John Stine, and Pat Adams, respectively. The post of Assistant Commissioner for Policy Quality and Compliance was vacant as of June 2010. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Minnesota lawyers.

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