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New Jersey Assembly

New Jersey Assembly

The New Jersey Assembly serves as the lower house of the New Jersey State Legislature. Since the 1968 session, the New Jersey Assembly has consisted of 80 members. The members are elected from each of New Jersey's 40 legislative districts. The members of the New Jersey Assembly represent districts with an average population of more than 210,000 individuals. To secure a post, a candidate must be at least 21 years of age, live in New Jersey for at least two years prior to the election date, and be a resident of their district.

Being a member of the New Jersey Assembly is considered a part-time job. This means than many members of the New Jersey Assembly also hold other forms of employment in addition to their legislative jobs. A term in the New Jersey Assembly lasts for two years, with elections taking place in odd-numbered years.

A 2007 law banned officials who have been elected to the New Jersey Assembly from holding other elected positions, although several current members of the New Jersey Assembly have been grandfathered in under the same State law.

The New Jersey Assembly is head by the Speaker of the Assembly; this post is elected by the membership of the chamber. The Speaker is held responsible for deciding the schedule for the New Jersey Assembly, which bills will be considered, appointing committee chairmen, and running the agenda of the New Jersey Assembly. Serving as the Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly places the Speaker third in the line of succession to the Governor of New Jersey in the event that the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and President of the Senate are unable to fulfill the role.

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