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Clark County Fire Department

Clark County Fire Department

In the State of Nevada there are a number of different fire departments, including both city and county fire departments. For example, Boulder City, Mesquite, Henderson, and Las Vegas all maintain independent fire departments. Cities and towns that do not possess independent fire departments also require firefighting services and emergency medical services.

The Clark County Fire Department is responsible for ensuring that unincorporated locations situated within Clark County are provided with the necessary emergency medical services. As a result, this fire department serves many different locations throughout Clark County. Currently, the Clark County Fire Department is the most extensive professional fire department within Nevada. In addition to having the largest paid force, the Clark County Fire Department also maintains the largest number of volunteer firefighters.

The Clark County Fire Department employs more than 600 firefighters and has over 350 volunteer firefighters. There are 13 fire stations that operate on a voluntary basis. The remaining 27 stations are situated in various locations throughout the Clark County and function as the bases for paid employees. The Clark County Fire Department offers a wide range of services, including both urban fire suppression and rural fire suppression. In addition, the Department owns a number of aircrafts, which are used for rescue purposes.

Many of the firefighters who are employed by this Department are also trained paramedics, and therefore, the Department is able to offer emergency medical services. There is also a Hazardous Materials Response Division, a Technical Rescue Division, and a Disaster Preparedness Division. The Clark County Fire Department also provides fire prevention services, fire investigation services, and public education.

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