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Basic Facts You Need to Know About FAA Jobs

Faa Jobs

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employs individuals in a range of aviation fields. An individual who has experience or skills related to the field of aviation should consider a job with the FAA. FAA employees are regularly faced with new and exciting challenges in interesting work environments. FAA jobs are suitable for a range of individuals. For example, many college graduates and individuals who have worked in aviation while in the military seek employment with the FAA. However, FAA jobs are not only intended for aviation specialists.

For instance, the FAA hires administrative officers, security specialists, information receptionists, human resource specialists, architects, civil engineers, environmental protection specialists, and supply technicians, to name a few. As a result, many individuals are eligible for employment with the FAA, even if they do not have experience working on aircraft carriers, or certifying aircraft carriers and pilots.

The training that is necessary to acquire FAA jobs varies depending upon the type of position that an individual is seeking to obtain. In order to be employed by the FAA, an individual will be required to have a high school education. Most positions will also require a degree from a four year university or college. In some instances, an advanced degree will be required such as a Master's degree or PhD.

The FAA advertises all of their employment opportunities online on a secure website. An individual can search through all available positions and apply for employment with the FAA through this website. The vacancy announcements will also specify the education level and experience that is required for each position, as well as the associated responsibilities.

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