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The Secrets of the DEA Number System

Dea Number

A DEA number is utilized to track individuals that write prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances. The system can be used to track physicians, as well as those that are prescribed such medications. For example, those that obtain a prescription for the same medication from two different doctors will likely be flagged in the system if the prescription is for a controlled dangerous substance. The DEA number lookup system allows the Agency to track doctors and determine if they are prescribing a large amount of controlled dangerous substances. DEA diversion techniques, such as the controlled dangerous substance tracking systems, prevent many doctors from over-prescribing addictive and dangerous substances. In addition, DEA diversion techniques also prevent individuals from obtaining many prescriptions for the same drugs. In the past, before the DEA number lookup system was available, individuals could more easily doctor shop and obtain many prescriptions for the same substance. Next, they would simply fill those prescriptions at different pharmacies to avoid detection. However, in order to prevent the abuse and sale of these types of drugs, the DEA number system has been put in use in more locations around the United States, not just for health care providers, but also for patients. The DEA number system has been successful in preventing doctors from taking part in illicit activity as it relates to prescription medications. Although many prescriptions come into the country from international borders, the DEA number lookup system has prevented some of the drugs from making it to the street.

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