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Alabama department of Public Safety

Alabama Department Of Public Safety

The Alabama Department of Public Safety has six divisions. There is a Protective Services Division, Service Division, Administrative Division, Bureau of Investigation, Highway Patrol, and Driver's License Division.

Each division has a specific goal in helping to maintain order and ensure public safety. For example, the Highway Patrol Division helps to maintain order on the roads in the State. They prevent individuals from speeding and issue tickets when drivers are found to be in non-compliance. They also educate the public as to the dangers of reckless driving, such as drunk driving, in an effort to stop individuals from doing so.

The Administrative Division and the Driver's License Division allow drivers to receive their licenses after taking the appropriate tests. They also allow drivers to maintain a valid license if they are found to be complaint with the traffic laws in the State.

The Bureau of Investigation at the Alabama Department of Public Safety investigate issues, such as a fatality in a drunk driving accident. They will obviously charge the intoxicated driver when applicable, but they will also investigate every aspect of the accident, including speed and other factors which may have contributed to the accident.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety Bureau of Investigation may also investigate allegations that a certain business provided alcohol to a driver involved in an accident and allowed them to drink in excess before driving a vehicle. Overall, the purpose of the Alabama Department of Public Safety is on Alabama law to take a multi-faceted approach to providing a safe environment for the public.

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