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Brief Outline of the Department of Licensing

Department Of Licensing

The Department of Licensing handles the issuing of drivers' licenses in that jurisdiction. They may also handle other issues which relate to driving, such as vehicle registrations, driving records and specialized drivers' licenses.

The Department of Licensing requires that individuals submit to a driving test and a written test before being granted a driver's license. They may also require several legal points of identification, such as a social security card and birth certificate, in order to prevent fraud. The individual must also provide proof of residency, such as utility bills or leases.

The Department of Licensing also revokes driving privileges in certain circumstances. Driving privileges may be revoked for certain tickets issued by officers, or for a certain number of tickets. In addition, drivers' licenses can be revoked for nonpayment of child support in some states.

The Department of Licensing also provides licenses which are specialized to certain types of vehicles or to certain types of driving. For example, most jurisdictions require a specialized license for boating or driving a motorcycle.

The same agency will also likely be in charge of registering vehicles in the State. For instance, in most jurisdictions individuals must register most types of vehicles, including motorcycles, personal watercraft and boats. In order to do so, the individual must provide proof that they own the vehicle.

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