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The District of Columbia Housing Authority, DCHA, is a division of the District of Columbia government whose mission it is to provide affordable housing to those individuals, and families with low to moderate income levels. The DCHA is, essentially, the largest landlord in the District of Columbia, offering 8,000 apartments and townhouses on 56 locations throughout the District of Columbia, Alexandria, and Arlington. The DCHA serves more than 20,000 people in the District of Columbia.


In order to be eligible for housing through the DCHA the applicant must meet specific income and family size requirements. When you file your application you will be asked a number of questions about certain aspects of your family including: income; past criminal history; rental history; and family composition. The income standards for eligibility require a single family to have an income of less than $21,750 and an 8 person family to have an income of less than $41,000. If you are eligible for DCHA housing then you will be put on a waiting list that gives priority based on need and on other characteristics. Preference for DCHA housing is given to working families; then to the elderly and disabled.

Individuals who qualify for DCHA housing will be required to pay 30% of their gross annual salary towards rent and utilities. For example, if a family living in DCHA housing makes $1,000 a month they will be required to pay $333 a month for rent and utilities.


The application process for DCHA public housing is a long form that includes information on family composition, income, former housing locations, etc. To download an application you should go to or go to the client placement center at:

1133 North Capitol St. NEWashington, D.C. 20002

If you are having trouble with the application process you may reach a representative of the Client Placement Center at 202-435-3245.

DCHA Resident Support

Aside from supplying housing to low and moderate income families the DCHA also offers support for those residents of DCHA housing for job training, literacy, and parenting programs. The following organizations work with the DCHA to help individuals meet these needs.

1. Family Enhancement Center at Lincoln Heights (202) 724-8627

2. Park Morton Neighborhood Network Center (202)576-3113

3. Garfield Neighborhood Network Center (202) 234-3657

You can also find a list of other organizations at

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